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On August 14th, 2019

‘Entrepreneur’ Names N-Hance Franchise a Top Global Opportunity for 2019

The fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise is named as best-bet investment around the world by Entrepreneur magazine N-Hance, the fastest growing wood refinishing franchise in the nation, is a best-bet investment around the world. Entrepreneur magazine recently named N-Hance to its prestigious annual “Top Global Franchise Ranking,” for 2019. This announcement comes hot on the heels ...

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On July 3rd, 2019

Home Improvement Franchise Thrives in the Booming Industry

Fast-growing wood refinishing franchise is meeting the tremendous demand for affordable home improvement solutions N-Hance, a wood refinishing and home improvement franchise, occupies an enviable position in the booming home improvement industry. Americans are projected to spend $450 billion on home remodeling projects in 2019, according to the JCHS. Homeowners are actively focused on investing ...

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On June 18th, 2019

Why Online Influencers Love N-Hance Wood Refinishing Franchise

Fast-growing wood refinishing franchise is getting spotlighted by online influencers for beautiful home improvement solutions Today online influencers on social media and in the blogosphere carry a tremendous amount of weight, and N-Hance, the nation’s fastest growing wood refinishing franchise, is winning acclaim from this very influential set. The Influencer Marketing Hub defines an influencer ...

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On June 5th, 2019

N-Hance Wood Refinishing Franchise to Open 22 Locations in New York by 2024

The fastest growing wood refinishing franchise is rapidly expanding in the Empire State N-Hance Wood Refinishing, the leading nationwide franchise for hardwood floor and kitchen cabinet refinishing, has announced plans to add four new territories to New York, secured through strategic partnerships, by year’s end. This 2019 expansion is folded into the brand’s overarching goal ...

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On May 17th, 2019

N-Hance Wood Refinishing Named a Fastest-Growing Franchise for 2019

The fastest growing wood refinishing franchise is ranked high on Entrepreneur magazine’s annual list N-Hance, the fastest growing wood refinishing franchise in the nation, once again lives up to that title with a high ranking on Entrepreneur magazine’s “Fastest-Growing Franchises for 2019.” The list is significant because it is based on The Franchise 500, which ...

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On May 7th, 2019

The Value of Refinishing Cabinets

Your kitchen can make or break the value of your home. So if your kitchen cabinets are looking faded, shabby, or outdated, the value of your home could suffer. At N-Hance®, we know a thing or two about the value of refinishing cabinets. Below, we’ll go over what makes refinishing cabinets a smart (and low-cost!) ...

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On April 11th, 2019

N-Hance Franchise Ranks High on ‘Entrepreneur’ Magazine’s Franchise 500

The fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise in the nation charts high on prestigious annual list for best-bet franchise opportunities N-Hance is hitting the ground running in 2019 with a high ranking on Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 list. The Franchise 500 list is widely regarded as the most prestigious annual franchise ranking list, which is compiled to ...

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On April 4th, 2019

Why the Success of N-Hance Franchise’s Parent Company Matters

The fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise is led by a parent company that is celebrating milestone after milestone When entrepreneurs join the N-Hance franchise family, they become far more than owners of their own businesses and the drivers of their own future. They receive the full support of one the most innovative and successful franchisors in ...

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On April 1st, 2019

N-Hance Franchise Gives Kitchen and Bathroom Floor Tips in ‘Freshome’

N-Hance helps homeowners with kitchen and bathroom floor tips in lifestyle publication We know a thing or two about floors — they’re our specialty. Our franchise owners have brought joy to thousands of homeowners throughout the nation by refinishing their hardwood floors. Our process is hassle free, odorless, and can often be done for a lot less ...

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On March 26th, 2019

We Launched a New Service Designed to Drive Revenue

N-Hance Wood Refinishing rolls out a new floor-sanding service, technology and training to increase franchisee profitability It’s not often that you see a group of more than 100 entrepreneurs raise their hands at exactly the same time — but if you’d been at the product launch for N-Hance’s new floor-sanding service at the brand’s annual ...

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