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N-Hance Franchises Benefit as the Home Remodeling Bounces Back

The fast growing wood refinishing franchise makes big gains, with homeowners ready to tackle home remodeling projects

The home remodeling and wood refinishing industries are coming back in a big way. Homeowners who have been in their homes during the lockdown have had time to plan for any home remodeling projects.

And they have the money to do it too. CNBC reports, savings hit a record high of 33% during lockdown, as millions of people started to cook at home, forgoing travel, and limiting their shopping. Now, as the economy opens back up, Americans are ready to reinvest. Especially in their homes, and specifically in projects that will add value to the areas where families congregate the most.

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In fact, spending on home improvement is increasing. Inman reports that, “despite the pandemic, home improvement spending is on the rise,”. He also reports that “year over year, requests for home improvement personal loans increased by 7.8% from the first week of June 2019 to the same week in June 2020.”

How has this impacted our N-Hance franchisees?

Ken Mullen, owner of an N-Hance franchise in Cincinnati, Ohio, explains the impact.

“We’ve never been busier,” Mullen says. “The quality of our leads is way, way up. People are serious about tackling home improvement projects in a way that I’ve never seen in seven years in business. We’re completely booked out until August, and I’m considering adding more crews to keep up with the demand.”

Mullen isn’t alone. N-Hance, the #1 wood refinishing brand in the nation, is connecting homeowners who want fast, affordable and beautiful solutions to their kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, doors and more. With over 500 locations open across the country, N-Hance has spent several years investing in a nationwide brand marketing campaign that has grown the brand’s profile, and has helped N-Hance franchise owners implement cutting edge marketing strategies to generate leads in their markets.

“The focus on marketing has been tremendous,” Mullen says. “The N-Hance corporate team has done a phenomenal job in growing our brand recognition during the pandemic, and when things looked like they might get lean, I continued marketing – and that has paid off. Homeowners are ready to spend money on projects that add value to their homes, and we offer great value, great service and great solutions that our competitors cannot match.

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