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N-Hance Honors Top Performing Franchisees at 2018 Annual Convention

N-Hance franchise owners are thriving in today’s home service market

N-Hance is the fastest growing wood refinishing franchise in the nation, and the brand is riding a wave of growth due to innovative, affordable services in high demand. N-Hance, at the most recent annual convention in San Diego, announced its 500th location.

N-Hance annual convention

There was much to celebrate this year, and N-Hance honored its top-performing franchisees, as well as unveiled several new initiatives designed to increase the profitability of the entire franchise network. N-Hance announced a new consumer financing platform, which approves customers on the spot and pays franchisees on the same day.

While N-Hance has built its reputation as an affordable and professional option for consumers who want to beautify their homes, N-Hance announced a new cabinet door replacement offering designed to target consumers at a higher price point. The new program greatly enhances the brand’s ability to connect with a larger pool of customers by offering a higher-end, higher-ticket item, while also having the potential to substantially increase the average ticket price for N-Hance franchisees.

“Our theme for the 2018 convention was Shaping Our Future, which is about putting the programs, processes and people in place to offer the best in products and services today and prepare ourselves to stay on top in the future as well,” says D’Wayne Tanner, Senior Vice President of Franchise Sales for N-Hance.

“We’re identifying how we can further distance ourselves from the competition and also continue to grow our market share,” he says. “These franchisees exemplify our good business practices.”

The following N-Hance franchisees received awards:

“I was surprised to receive the award,” says Trevor Kaftan, Franchisee of the Year.  “We have so many great franchisees in this system, so it is an honor. Our franchise system is like a family, we take care of each other and share our tools for success. This makes our collective businesses stronger. It was great to see everyone at the convention and catch up, as well as hear about all the things corporate is doing to make sure we stay at the top of our industry with the best products and services. I am thankful for the team of employees I have here in the Mid-Hudson Valley. We could not have won this award without the hard work of the team and what they do every day to deliver outstanding results to our customers.”

N-Hance annual convention

The 2018 convention was the largest in HRI history, and it  had a good attendance from the ChemDry and N-Hance franchise networks,” Tanner says.” The programming for the convention had a great mixture of guest speakers and updates from key departments within the corporate network. One of the things that I found really enjoyable was the round-table discussions, where brainstorming groups were led by both corporate personnel and experienced franchisees. You could feel the power of the partnership and the familial relationships that the franchisees have among one another.  Those relationships, and a willingness to openly share insights and perspectives, are truly what drives the success of our brands.”

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