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N-Hance Franchise Review: Q&A with Tom Terrana

Top-performing franchise owner opens up about what he loves about his business

Tom Terrana has been a part of the N-Hance franchise family for eight years. He currently owns three territories that cover a near 80 mile radius around the town of Spartanburg, South Carolina, and leads a team of four employees.

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In this interview, Terrana talks about how he became a part of N-Hance, what sets this brand apart from competitors, how business is expanding with no end in sight because of the COVID-19 pandemic, among a host of other topics.

Q: What led you to pursuing a career with N-Hance Wood Refinishing Franchise?

A: I’ve always been in sales, and when my previous business went away, I was looking for another opportunity. My dad installed, sanded, and finished new construction hardwood floors, and I’ve always done carpentry. N-Hance was very attractive because it’s a very user-friendly material.

Q: How has N-Hance’s support network helped with marketing?

A: I think the brand marketing over the years has truly helped. When we hit the 400 mark for franchises and entered the National Marketing program, that really turned the tide. So instead of customers saying, ‘Wow, I’m glad we took a chance on you.’ Now it’s, ‘Wow, you exceeded my expectations.” That was an amazing process.

Q: How has the pandemic changed business?

A: We have been deemed essential as a home improvement company, so we’ve been able to continue working from day one. That has not changed. I feel very thankful to say the least, because I know there are some franchises forced to lockdown.

Q: With more people at home, has sales increased?

A: Our target markets are baby boomers and retirees, and their financial stability is set for the most part. However, due to the pandemic, some of these people are not allowed to go anywhere on vacation or travel, so they’ve focused their attention on their home, and that has helped us a lot. The demand has increased tremendously.

Q: Your reports show you are booked three months out, right?

A: Yes. And people are willing to wait because what we do is so unique, and around this territory, nobody does what we do. And it’s not going to stop. This business, there’s nothing like this business. It’s an amazing process.

Q: What advice would you give a franchise owner just starting out?

A: For someone getting into the business now, strap on your seatbelt because it’s going to be an amazing ride. We are moving forward, and this business is only going to get better and better every single year.

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