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N-Hance Franchise Review: Meet Ken Mullen

Owner of a N-Hance wood restoration franchise opens up about why his business grew despite the pandemic

Ken Mullen has been the owner of an N-Hance wood restoration franchise in Cincinnati, Ohio, since fall 2013. After eight years in business, Ken is busier than ever, despite all the obstacles that came with being in business during the outbreak of COVID-19.

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In this interview, we talk about what Ken did to continue to thrive during the shutdowns, why N-Hance is more relevant to homeowners than ever before, how corporate support helped him through the crisis, what his hopes for his business are going forward, and much, much more.

Q: Ken, what attracted you to join the N-Hance brand?

A: My background is 20 plus years in the food service distribution industry. So after we had sold our business, I spent several months looking, trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. Looking into the concept of franchising, which was appealing to me, I came across the N-Hance opportunity and was very impressed with their businesses and their style.

Q: What ultimately convinced you to start an N-Hance wood restoration franchise?

A: I had done a discovery day out at an N-Hance location, and I was doing this with other franchise brands as well, but really liked the people, both through the franchisees and the headquarters of N-Hance out in Logan, Utah, and they just seemed like they’re genuine people. So versus other franchise businesses, I just felt they were more in line with my thought process.

Q: What do you think makes N-Hance unique in the market?

A: Our finishes just seem to be a better quality finish overall. Even though the market’s separation has closed a bit, we definitely have a very strong presence. And I think we’re still a good step or two ahead of most of the competition. And probably one of the biggest game changers for us is that our marketing has really gotten tenfold from where it was when I first started. When I first started, the marketing was out there, but it really wasn’t half as effective as it is today.

Q: How has corporate support helped over the years, especially during difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Well, for one, there’s always someone you can email or call for help. One thing I highly encourage new franchisees is to certainly get involved and kind of buddy up with an experienced franchisee. There’s so much that you can learn and get from other franchisees. And, if you participate in different webinars or events that N-Hance puts on, usually there’s quite a few different franchises on there, so it allows you the opportunity to get to know people and really to become part of something bigger.

Q: For those looking to open a business now, why do you think it’s a good time to invest in N-Hance?

A: I think we’re in a recession-proof business and industry. If the economy turns down, you might lose some of your lower-end customers, but you might get some of the higher-end customers. And that’s where we would be a great option for that customer. So I think to some degree, we have a recession-proof industry and business as far as what we’re doing.

Now is the time to invest in an N-Hance wood refinishing franchise

With N-Hance, you can play a vital role in the $450 billion home improvement industry. Our total investment is significantly lower than other home restoration franchises. Our proven business model and industry-leading reputation make us a best-bet investment opportunity in the booming market. To find out more about our franchise opportunity, visit our franchise information pages or request our free Franchise Information Report.

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