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Recent Boom in Housing Market and Home Improvement Creates Growth in New Territories

N-Hance Franchise about home improvement spending increase in the majority of U.S. CitiesN-Hance Wood Refinishing is making waves after announcing the brand’s ambitious plan to introduce 12 new territories throughout Massachusetts in the next five years as home buying and demand for home improvement continues to surge.

Since the announcement in August, N-Hance Wood Refinishing, which was already benefitting from the recent housing boom and increased work-from-home flexibility, has gained serious traction and attention.

“We are seeing interest from entrepreneurs who already own other types of home improvement businesses looking to diversify their portfolios, as well as from people seeking entry into the booming industry with a franchise that has a proven track record of success,” said D’Wayne Tanner, Senior Vice President of Franchise Sales.

While many other industries struggled in the past year, N-Hance finished 2020 with record-breaking sales growth as more Americans increasingly sought home improvement projects and renovations. As a result, our franchise owners reported double-digit increases in consumer leads year-over-year. And 2021 isn’t slowing down, evidenced by N-Hance’s bold initiative to add new franchisees and markets in the coming years.

N-Hance’s aggressive growth plans for Massachusetts are off to a strong start. Recently, N-Hance brought aboard local entrepreneur Kevan Bradley to operate in the suburbs of Boston, as well as franchisee Seth Gaudreau, who will tackle Berkshire and Hampshire counties, as well as southern Vermont.

“We’ve recently brought in several exceptionally strong franchisees across the state who’ve collectively raised the bar and created a great culture and reputation for our services. We look forward to continuing this legacy as we create new opportunities for entrepreneurs throughout Boston and Springfield,” Tanner said.

There’s never been a better time to join N-Hance kitchen remodeling franchise

With the boom in home improvements and the increasing power of the N-Hance Wood Refinishing brand, now is the perfect time to consider investing in your future as the next owner of an N-Hance kitchen remodeling franchise. To find out more about our franchise opportunity, visit our franchise information pages. Or, download our free Franchise Information Report.

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