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N-Hance Franchise Review: Q&A with Jim Berardi

A top performer opens up about what he loves about his wood refinishing franchise

Early on in his career, Jim Berardi realized he wanted to be a small business entrepreneur, eventually starting his own N-Hance Wood Refinishing Franchise.

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Eventually, however, Berardi came across N-Hance, the iconic wood refinishing franchise that uses revolutionary technology to breathe new life into old homes, and immediately recognized the benefits of joining a franchise group that offers unparalleled training and support. He purchased his first territory in November 2019, and now owns a total of four.

In this interview, Berardi talks about how he came to own a N-Hance franchise, how he kept his team positive during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what his plans are for the future of his business.

How did you find N-Hance?

I found out about it at a convention and thought it would be a good addition to my repertoire. And I liked the franchise system, because being in a franchise system, there’s a family feeling of it. I also really value the support, product development, and brand recognition.

After the initial COVID-19 lockdowns, how was business?

We’ve been rocking and rolling since May. We’ve been nonstop. The pandemic affected us for about three months with no revenue. But with that said, I applied for PPP loans, and got the loans necessary to keep the business floating. But now, I’m assuming we’re going to do $500,000 or $600,000 in our first year with a pandemic.

How did the pandemic ultimately affect business?

I think the pandemic forced a lot of people to sit in their house longer than they would normally have. They started looking at the flaws in their kitchens for months and decided they needed to make some changes.

How did you keep your team positive?

As far as how we got through, you know, the pandemic or staying positive, we really had no choice. The choice was to continue working. And then, when this whole thing lifted, we would be ready to rock and roll.

What are your plans for the future?

We have the four territories that we want to grow. We don’t really want to expand territory, but we do want to add another team to increase production. Doubling production is our goal right now, and we’re excited about the future.

There’s never been a better time to join N-Hance kitchen remodeling franchise

If you’re a small business entrepreneur looking to get into a booming industry, now is the time to consider investing in an N-Hance kitchen remodeling franchise. To find out more about our franchise opportunity, visit our franchise information pages. Or, request our free Franchise Information Report.

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