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Why N-Hance Franchise is a Great Business for Married Couples

Owning a wood refinishing franchise is a wise choice for married couples seeking to grow in business together

N-Hance wood refinishing franchise opportunity for couples


N-Hance, the #1 Wood Refinishing franchise in the country, is an outstanding opportunity for couples who want to go into business together.

Not only does going into business with your significant other increase cherished time together, it’s a tried and true approach to launching a business. At N-Hance, our business model is simple to follow, with no prior remodeling experience required. We offer a product in high demand with homeowners, and we have a long track record of helping couples take on the dream of small business ownership.

Here’s three benefits of starting a business with your partner with N-Hance.

Strengthened relationship

For one, going into business with your spouse is proven to strengthen relationships. Too often, couples go off to work each morning, spending a significant part of their days living separate lives. Going into business together helps couples share goals and dreams, working towards success.

Spouses who start a business also enjoy the benefits of learning skills and sides of their partner’s personality they may not have known before. One person in the relationship may be strong in math and numbers, while the other is good at tinkering. Couples tend to compliment each other in unexpected ways, which almost always strengthens the romantic side of their relationship.

Unlimited profit-potential

Couples in business together have an incredible motivation to grow their company with the aim of improving their family’s financial future. Starting a business with your spouse keeps more of your profits in your family’s hands, instead of having to pay a business partner or another outside entity.

There’s also an unmatched level of trust when your loved one becomes your business partner. Imagine having the person you know best in the world as the person you’re making business decisions with. And, forming a business team with your spouse helps split up tasks rather than managing it all yourself.

Long track record of success

It’s estimated that 3 million of the 22 million U.S. small businesses in 2000 were couple-owned, and by all accounts, that number has only increased. There are huge benefits for those that take the time to make that decision for their family. Couples who talk about how they plan to share responsibilities, both at work and at home, are primed for success.

At N-Hance, owning a business with your spouse is a rewarding, life-changing experience. From sales to installation, there are plenty of opportunities to leverage your unique skill sets to thrive as business owners.

There’s never been a better time to join N-Hance

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