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Perfect Home-Flipping Business

The fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise is helping home flippers turn their passion into a stable business

There is nothing more essential to the American Dream than home ownership. Millions of Americans have turned this dream into an exciting enterprise by flipping houses. In fact, CBS NEWS reports, “Americans prefer real estate to any other investment, a new survey shows—with millennials liking it most.” N-Hance is helping all entrepeneurs with their home-flipping business.

However, making money by home-flipping alone is a far tougher business than reality shows on HGTV make it out to be. It takes a lot of capital, time, and know-how to become successful at flipping houses. Much like the stock market, it’s high-risk, high-reward and largely dependent on factors we cannot control, such as housing stock and the state of the economy.

If you’re exploring starting a home flipping business, or are already an established home flipper with several projects under your belt, it’s important to look for an opportunity that will not only provide you with a more stable revenue stream, but also the ability to deliver a better overall product for your home flipping projects. N-Hance, the nation’s fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise, is home to dozens of thriving businesses owned by current and former home flippers. Their communities love them too. N-Hance helps homeowners transform their kitchens with affordable, fast, and beautiful solutions no competition can measure up to.

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The best part? N-Hance offers world-class training and support that will help your business thrive over the long-term, allowing you to create a path towards financial independence and establish yourself. You’ll become a go-to resource for other local businesses offering home remodeling services in your community. Most home flipper entrepreneurs invested in an N-Hance franchise had little experience owning and running a customer-facing, home remodeling business, but through our training platform they picked up the knowledge and skills they needed to thrive and prosper.

“We were flipping houses, buying and selling homes, when we realized there was an opportunity to save money on kitchen remodeling projects,” says Michael Gangadeen, who co-owns a top-performing N-Hance franchise with his wife Carol in New Jersey. “We were wasting a lot of money gutting kitchens, and we thought, ‘Is there a better way to do this?’ I got online and found N-Hance, and thought immediately this would be a good side business. We had no idea it would be so lucrative for us. We didn’t know how big the demand was for affordable kitchen remodels. It’s also an incredibly fun business to own.”

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