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N-Hance Celebrates Top-Performing Franchise Owners

Fast-growing wood refinishing franchise highlights franchise owners who went above and beyond during 2020

N-Hance, one of the fastest growing home remodeling businesses, recently highlighted its top-performing franchise owners who had a record-breaking year in 2020.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses struggled to stay afloat amid lockdowns and financial uncertainties. But, on the other hand, many companies thrived, especially those who offered essential services. This includes home remodeling businesses.

N-Hance home remodeling businesses

Our franchise owners drive us forward

N-Hance wood refinishing franchise reported its best year ever, with strong sales and continued expansion. The reason? People forced at home during the COVID-19 pandemic took on home improvement projects. Many saw this time as an opportunity to give their kitchen a makeover or wood floors a much needed refinishing.

During the first half of the year, as so many businesses experienced dramatic declines, N-Hance franchises actually saw an increase in sales.

“There was a lot of uncertainty in the world. So many brands and industries were affected. Our franchise owners saw the opportunity to work on homes,” said D’Wayne Tanner, SVP of Franchise Development. “Our fast recovery, and even increase in sales, was a direct result of franchise owners working day-in and day-out.

As a result, N-Hance wood finishing franchise awarded several top performing franchise owners who went above and beyond in 2020.

The awards:

Closer of the Year: Greg Overfield of San Ramon, California. He excelled with a great sales process, had excellent customer satisfaction and a willingness to help N-Hance operators.

Rising Star: Michael & Allison Hilliard of Madison, Wisconsin. In their second year in business, the couple made adjustments to business and increased leads and sales, had excellent customer satisfaction and was very engaged with the franchisor.

Marketer of the Year: Tom Gibson of Charleston, West Virginia. He assisted the marketing team in testing methods, experimented processes to get a great marketing ROI, was willing to help other franchisees, and is on the Brand Marketing Committee, which plans the marketing spend for our Advertising Fund.

Service Excellence: Clay & Teresa Fennimore of Jacksonville, Florida. The couple developed a prequalifying sales program and shared it with other franchisees, taught other franchisees on sales tips, and provided excellent customer service.

Ambassador Award: Tom Terrana of Greenville, NC. He talked to prospective new franchisees about the N-Hance brand, was a positive role model, and willing to try new products with great customer service.

Innovation Award: Bob Degraff of Buffalo, New York. He assisted the R&D team and training team with new products and processes, is the chairperson for the N-Hance Advisory Council, and brought new ideas to our teams.

refinished kitchen cabinets

Rookie of the Year: Aaron Davis of Louisville, Kentucky, who launched a business within the last 18 months and showed great marketing ROI, great sales and customer service.

Franchise of the Year: Nelli Garibyan of Boise, Idaho. Nelli is on the Brand Marketing Committee and the Franchise Advisory Council. She showed great customer service, came up with new ideas for our marketing, training and R&D teams, tried new products, purchased an existing N-Hance and turned it around.

Now is the time to invest with N-Hance franchise

With N-Hance, you can play a vital role in the $450 billion home improvement industry. Our total investment is significantly lower than other home restoration franchises. Our proven business model and industry-leading reputation make us a best-bet investment opportunity in the booming market. To find out more about our franchise opportunity, visit our franchise information pages or request our free Franchise Information Report.

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