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Why N-Hance is a Great Addition to Your Remodeling Business

Elevate your remodeling business and increase profit-potential by owning an N-Hance franchise

If you own a home remodeling business, you know the kitchen makes or breaks your ability to turn a profit. The costs to remodel a kitchen are enormous. If you’re outsourcing this work to contractors, your profit margins can dwindle fast.

This is why you should look into N-Hance, the nation’s fastest growing wood refinishing franchise. Owning an N-Hance franchise will help you keep a lot more of your remodeling projects in house, and will give you a proven way to reduce your costs on remodeling cabinets, doors, and hardwood floors, while adding multiple new revenue streams to your business.

What makes N-Hance stand out is that we can take homeowners existing cabinets, hardwood floors, doors, and more, and give them a brand new look and feel. N-Hance uses state-of-the-art technology and proven methodologies to reduce the time it takes to complete a job. This means you can speed up remodeling projects while delivering outstanding results.

“We were flipping houses, buying and selling homes, when we realized there was an opportunity to save money on kitchen remodeling projects,” says Michael Gangadeen, who co-owns a top-performing N-Hance franchise with his wife Carol in New York. “We were wasting a lot of money gutting kitchens, and we thought, ‘Is there a better way to do this?’ I got online and found N-Hance, and thought this would be a good side business. We had no idea it would be so lucrative for us. We didn’t know how big the demand was for affordable kitchen remodels. It’s also an incredibly fun business to own.”

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Earn Revenue in Between Your Remodeling Projects

The other key benefit of adding an N-Hance franchise to your home remodeling business is you won’t have to wait for your next remodeling project to earn revenue.

If a homeowner doesn’t want to spend $20,000 on a new remodeling project, but simply desires a new look and feel for their kitchen cabinets, or if they want to give new life to their hardwood floors, you will be able to meet their needs.

One of the reasons why N-Hance is attractive to homeowners is because we’re affordable, fast, and deliver beautiful solutions that allow them to get their dream kitchens without having to spend a ton of money to make it happen.

Giving customers what they want

“We’ve discovered that people don’t want to spend a lot of money on cabinets or floors. They just want a new look they can be proud of and will add value to their homes and properties,” says Kelly Jensen, President of N-Hance. “Because of our nationwide reputation for having exceptional, professional customer service, our brand has built a glowing reputation with customers. Our services are affordable, fast, and beautiful. They allow our customers to spend less of their hard-earned money on a home remodeling project, while enhancing their homes to better enjoy with the people they love.”

And homeowners are seeking us out. The N-Hance consumer website recently hit over 1 million unique visitors. Many of our franchise owners are busier than ever, despite the pandemic.

“It’s the best home services franchise to invest in right now, because a big shift is coming for businesses in the near future,” says Nellie Garibyan, owner of an N-Hance franchise in Boise, Idaho. “There already is and will continue to be a higher demand for our business. I don’t think people want to spend lots of money right now, but they have the time and interest in refinishing and remodeling. Fortunately for us, N-Hance is an affordable option, and that allows us to keep growing.”

Ready to N-Hance your own remodeling business?

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