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1510, 2022

The Best Franchises to Invest in for 2023: 5 Recession-Resistant Ideas

The best franchises to invest in for 2023 are those that thrive in times of economic uncertainty. Here are five recession-resistant franchise ideas worth looking into. 1. Home Improvement Home remodeling and repairs have typically been deemed recession-proof by experts. That’s due to people looking to stay in their homes longer and repair their current homes during economic downturns. IBISWorld statistics show that the home remodeling industry has grown every year for the last decade, [...]

110, 2022

Kitchen Tune-Up Franchise vs. N-Hance Franchise: How they Compare

Home remodeling is a $450 billion industry, and it continues to grow. One of the first rooms that becomes outdated in a home is the kitchen, so it makes sense that you’re looking to jump into the market with a kitchen remodeling business. Researching kitchen franchise opportunities? Here’s how Kitchen Tune-Up compares to the N-Hance franchise, including franchise costs, training, and expansion. Side-By-Side Comparison Kitchen Tune-up N-Hance Franchise Fee  $79,950 (Initial Franchise Fee: $19,950 Initial [...]

1509, 2022

5 Home Improvement Franchise Trends: A 2025 Outlook

Want to open a home improvement franchise? Learn which home remodeling industry trends are gaining momentum (and which are on the way out) to find the best opportunity. Trends to Watch Many people are calling it the “renovation renaissance.” People who want to revamp their homes have several factors to weigh. Here’s a look at trends from experts that home improvement franchises are watching: Remodeling vs. Buying Inflation, interest rates, rising construction costs, and increased [...]

109, 2022

7 Creative Ways to Get Home Improvement Leads

Wondering about the best ways to get home improvement leads? Here are seven marketing ideas for home improvement companies to find new customers. 1. Use Social Media Innovatively Meet your customers where they’re spending their time -- social media. Angi finds that 51% of customers use social media for buying decisions, with Facebook being the best platform for home remodelers. On top of that, Sprout Social says 80% of all internet users who earn $100,000 or more use Facebook. [...]

1508, 2022

Restoration Franchise Cost: 5 Upfront and Ongoing Costs to Expect

You’re thinking about opening a restoration franchise, but now as you begin to research, you’re noticing lots of dollar signs. It can be challenging to decipher the true costs. Plus, everything’s adding up quickly. Curious about what your restoration franchise costs will be? Here are five expenses you can expect. 1. Initial Franchise Fee A franchise fee is your cost of entry into the brand. The payment unlocks the door to the franchisor’s proprietary business systems [...]

108, 2022

Woodworking as a Business: 5 Reasons to Open a Cabinet Franchise

If you’re considering woodworking as a business, learn all the different types to choose from and which one would provide the best path to financial success. Here’s what it takes. Types of Woodworking Businesses According to Profitable Venture, woodworking accounts for 4% of the total U.S. manufacturing GDP. If you’re looking to work with your hands and provide a service, there are many options for woodworking businesses. Here’s a look at some that Builderology lists: Custom Furniture Business: Requires [...]

1507, 2022

The Rise of the Home Improvement Industry: A $450 Billion Market

By the start of 2023, the Joint Center for Housing Studies expects home improvements and repairs to expand to a nearly $450 billion industry. The home improvement industry has been growing at unprecedented rates since the pandemic. Here’s what’s driving sales today and where the market’s headed. Growth of the Home Improvement Industry The industry saw a spike in improvement projects around the house in 2020. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself project or a do-it-for-me one, researchers don’t [...]

107, 2022

Royalty Fees vs. Franchise Fees: The Costs of Franchising

  Franchise startup costs can be as low as $10,000 to as high as a couple of million. But what’s included in that price tag? Here’s everything you need to know about franchise and royalty fees, why they’re paid, and what they cost. Behind the Franchise Fee Basically, franchise fees are the payments made to the franchisor for their great idea. It’s like a cost-of-entry fee. It is a one-time payment at the beginning. The [...]

1506, 2022

Selecting a Flooring Franchise: 5 Factors to Consider

Wear and tear are inevitable on hard floor surfaces, and virtually every home and business across the country has them. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry finds that homeowners can recoup 147% of costs when refinishing their floors. So, if you're looking to get in to a franchise, floor refinishing is the perfect niche. Here are the five factors to consider when finding a flooring franchise that meets and exceeds your needs — and [...]

106, 2022

Inside the Remodeling Franchise Boom: 5 Factors Driving Success

The covid-19 pandemic threw a kink in the economy and hit the real estate market with a tidal wave. Covid-19 forced people to stay inside their homes. Now, people are turning their current homes into their dream homes with renovations. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (JCHS), year-over-year increases in housing renovations will hit 19.7 percent this year. For perspective, at the beginning of 2020, it sat at 3.2 percent. [...]

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