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What Services Do We Provide?

The premier wood refinishing franchise offers an extensive, affordable service menu with the expertise customers deserve

Our franchisees have a truly meaningful role in their communities — not only do they provide their communities with well-paid employment that requires skill, attention to detail and good customer service, they also provide home and property owners with first-rate, unmatched service that is affordable, professional and designed to produce exemplary results.

Our wood refinishing services give new life to customers’ wood surfaces and give customers renewed pride in their home. N-Hance spent years and made significant investments in research to develop products and technology that we continue to advance on behalf of our franchisees.

Using a proprietary chemical abrasion and refinishing technique that requires no sanding — available exclusively to our franchisees — N-Hance restores the natural beauty of hardwood flooring, trims and cabinets at one-third to one-fifth the cost of traditional re-facing or replacing of cabinets, and much faster than the industry average. The company’s powerful Lightspeed® U.V. curing technology shortens the refinishing process and produces less dust, mess and odor than traditional methods.

“We’ve discovered that people don’t want to spend a lot of money on cabinets or on their floors, they just want a new look that they can be proud of and will add value to their homes and properties,” says Dan Tarantin, CEO of N-Hance. “Because of our exclusive relationship with Home Depot, and our nationwide reputation for having exceptional, professional customer service, our brand has built a glowing reputation with customers. Our services are affordable, fast and beautiful, and they allow our customers to spend less of their hard-earned money on a home remodeling project, while enhancing their homes to better enjoy with the people they love.”

We offer a great service and opportunity for homeowners to refinish the important wood furnishings they use every day.

Floor Refinishing:

  • Basic Floor Renewal – Floors fade from sun exposure, get cracks and scratches from everyday use, and the finish can wear off. Instead of having to replace the entire floor and start over, you can follow our basic floor renewal process to completely restore and protect floors in just one day.
  • Hammered Floor Renewal – This service is for floors with extensive damage that have been worn down to bare wood, have deep scratches and gray or black traffic areas or show signs of water damage. During this service N-Hance will touch up needed areas, fill and screen planks and deep scratches, then seal and refinish the floor.
  • Non-Sandable Floor Renewal – For floors that cannot be sanded — cork, bamboo, hand scraped, or specially engineered — N-Hance is the only solution. We can refinish and protect these floors without sanding.

Cabinet Refinishing:

  • Basic Renewal – Over time, wood surfaces begin to fade due to the sun, or they turn gray in areas of heavy traffic. You will be able to restore lost color to the wood.
  • Color Shift – It’s common for oil-based finishes to yellow as they age. As an N-Hance business owner, you can remove the yellowing and restore cabinets to their original color, or even make them a shade darker.
  • Color Change – Oftentimes, a cabinet is in great shape, but the customer is ready for a change. You can transform the look of cabinets with our opaque or painted color options.

Furniture, Railings and Door refinishing

Although N-Hance is well-known for its innovative cabinet and floor renewal services, you will not be limited in the services you offer. Our unique process can be used to renew virtually any wood surface, including furniture, tables, doors and more. N-Hance business owners throughout the United States and Canada have had tremendous success and terrific results with renewing many types of wood surfaces.

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